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Over time

With its history, the Hotel des Bains tells you about its evolution over the years ...
Adolphe Garnier, the well-known notary, in his will to make in our small town a reputed station of tourism, contributed in August 1881, to the creation of a financial company called villas and the casino of Gérardmer.

It was to regroup vast fields of the Trexau, the Vinot, the Bolles until the Past (street of the station recently renamed Fr. Mitterrand).

The company in liquidation sold on November 3, 1888 a plot of land of 672 m² to the spouses Chole, hoteliers.
On November 5, 1889, an additional 475 sq. M. Was added as a result of an exchange with the Chrétien-Singer couple (the parcel had been acquired from the same company).

The new owners were two years old, from the first contract, to build a dwelling house.

"They shall not be able to erect on the front of the avenue any structure, the arrangement of which would be such as to disfigure the general arrangement of the street, and it is understood that the courtyards and gardens which may be on the frontage shall be closed By a wall surmounted by an iron or wooden gate ".
The building was built near the kiosk roundabout on 26 November 1890.

Hotel des bains histoire
Hotel des bains histoire
Hotel des bains histoire
Hotel des bains histoire


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